Dental Fillings in Gold River, CA

If you have a tooth damaged by a cavity or have minor cracks on your teeth and are left untreated, it can affect the overall structure, functionality, and strength of the teeth, causing pain as well as discomfort. Dental fillings offer a reliable and standard solution to restore your natural teeth and help avoid other painful procedures.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings refer to all the materials that are used to fill cavities, cracks, and minor fractures on the teeth. By filling the damage with dental fillings, cavities and fractures can be saved from developing into severe issues. 

Types of Dental Fillings

The major kinds of dental fillings we use at River Family Dentistry are as follows:

  • Composite Fillings

These tooth-colored composite fillings are made to closely resemble the texture, appearance, and color of your natural tooth. Composite fillings are fabricated from powdered glass and acrylic resin and are chemically bonded with the existing tooth structure to provide additional support. They are commonly used to fill cavities, treat chips, and small gaps in the teeth. 

  • Gold Tooth Fillings

Gold tooth fillings are usually chosen by many people owing to their strength and durability. However, since they do not give a natural look to your smile, they are chosen mainly for the rear teeth. 

  • Ceramics Fillings

Ceramic tooth fillings that are made of porcelain give a natural appearance to the wearer's teeth. They are very durable, and if taken care of ideally, they can last for more than 15 years, making ceramic dental fillings one of the most preferred dental filling options. 

  • Glass Ionomer Fillings

These kinds of fillings are fabricated using acrylic and glass and are mainly used to fix the space below your gum line. Glass ionomer fillings, over the course of time, release fluoride, thus strengthening the teeth and the surrounding structure, giving it the necessary support.

How Is a Dental Cavity Filled?

After removing the decayed portion of the tooth, the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The filling material is placed to fill the cavity of the tooth in proper shape and color. By using a special light, the material is hardened.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

  • Fillings help restore the tooth's contour and strength. 
  • Fillings are beneficial to save the teeth from the damage caused by decay, thus preventing tooth loss. 
  • Fillings can fix minor cracks on the tooth's enamel.
  • If a tooth's enamel is exposed to decay or damage or the tooth is injured or broken, dental fillings can help fix them. 
  • Fillings can be used to repair eroded or worn-out teeth. 

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