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To maintain the aesthetics and functionality of our teeth, each of our teeth performs its own specific role. Hence, if you have one or more missing teeth, it is very important to replace them. At River Family Dentistry, we offer several tooth restoration options to replace missing teeth. Dental implants, along with an implant crown, are one such option that can provide our patients with greater looking results, returning the mouth to its full function.

Implant Crown

Dental implant crowns are implant-supported tooth restorations offered to our patients to restore missing teeth. The implant crown is placed on the top of a dental implant, a titanium post surgically inserted into the patient's jaw bone to act as a tooth root.  Once the jaw bone grows around the inserted implant post through a process called osseointegration, we screw an implant abutment into the implant to hold the prosthetic. If the patient has one missing teeth, a dental crown made of either porcelain, ceramic, alloy, or gold is placed on the top of this implant to act as a replacement. 

Implant crowns are one of the most popular tooth restoration options as they closely resemble real teeth in terms of appearance, aesthetics, and functionality.

Benefits of Implant Crowns

  • Implant crowns resemble the appearance of the real teeth as it is possible to match the shades of the crown with the color of the teeth. Hence, implant crowns look unnoticeable.
  • Implant crowns can help people with missing teeth regain their confidence by giving them a smile they are genuinely proud about. Besides, it could also help improve their social life. 
  • One or more lost teeth can affect the functionality of the mouth. The patient might find it difficult to eat, chew and speak well with missing teeth. Implant crowns restore the mouth functionality and allow the patients to eat, chew, and speak well. 
  • One or more missing teeth can lead to bone loss. By replacing the missing teeth with implant crowns, the health of the bone can be preserved. This happens because the implant fixed into the jaw fuses with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, preventing the jawbone deterioration.
  • With proper care and maintenance, implant crowns can last for decades without the need for any repairs or replacement. 
  • By replacing missing teeth with implant crowns,  oral health can be restored besides reducing the risk of oral health issues like oral infection, gum recession, or bone loss.

Implant Crowns - Procedure

  • Step 1: Implant Embedding

We start by analyzing the patient's records, health history, and treatment plan to determine their candidacy for the procedure. We surgically insert a titanium post into the patient's jawbone to support the placement of the crown.  Once the implant fuses with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, the patient returns for the next appointment. During this healing time, we give a temporary tooth replacement to fill the gap. 

  • Step 2: Crown Placement

The osseointegration process may take up to three months. Once the implant gets fused with the jawbone, the implant abutment is connected to the implant to act as a post to hold the crown. The custom-made dental crown that blends into the patient's natural teeth is screwed onto this abutment.

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